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Compton Bishop Parish

The villages of Cross, New Town, Rackley, Compton Bishop and Webbington

National Grid - Hinkley C Connection Consultation

Secretary of State approves National Grids's plans

The Hinkley C Connection Project started in 2007 with an internal report by TEP (The Environment Partnership) which formed the basis of the Stage 1 documentation for public consultation which started in 2009. The consultation ended in July 2015 with  the final phase being seven months of The Planning Inspectorate (PI) holding  public examination and hearings with National Grid (NG), Joint Councils and other parties (including Compton Bishop Parish Council) providing evidence .

The PI submitted their conclusions and recommendation to the Secretary of State (SoS) for Energy and Climate Change on 19th October 2015. Her ruling was published on 19th January 2016.

The Secretary of State approved National Grid’s application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) for the works described. There are no significant changes to the application and a predominantly overhead connection, using the new ‘T’ pylons will be constructed between Hinkley C power station and Seabank, Avonmouth. The area from Badgworth to Sandford via the Lox Yeo Valley includes the AONB which requires National Grid to lay their cables underground. 

As stated in previous reports, the areas around Kennel Lane, Webbington Road and Barton Road will suffer severe disruption during the construction period.

Construction is planned to start this year (2016) be completed by mid-to-end 2022.

Compton Bishop PC has been working closely with Badgworth and Mark Parish Councils. Each Parish has similar concerns and so have been co-operatively working together during the consultations. We are now working with our MP, James Heappey, in evaluating the possibility of a Judicial Review and are working together with Sedgemoor DC and North Somerset Councils.

A report on the conclusion and how it impacts Compton Bishop Parish can be viewed by clicking here.