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Compton Bishop Parish

The villages of Cross, New Town, Rackley, Compton Bishop and Webbington

Footpaths and Bridleways

The parish has a large number of footpaths and bridleways. There are 25 public rights of way (PROW's), 6 bridleways and 5 permissive bridleways. The map below shows their location and reference numbers. Note that this map does not include the permissive bridleways, these will be added when these routes have been approved and numbered.

Somerset County Council Public Rights of Way have developed their website to show all footpaths and details of gates, stiles, etc. It also has the facility for any problems to be reported directly to their PROW Officers.

Have a look at a clear definitive map of Compton Bishop Footpaths and Bridleways by clicking here.

Walkers who experience any problem such as blockages or closures are requested to contact our Public Rights of Way Liason Officer, Richard Parker, or via the Parish Clerk by email

Why not try out a circular route from Rackley to Crook Peak and more Bishop? Click here for Sue Gearing's guide


For a larger image click here

Cross Lane Footpath

Click here for the link to the Cross to Axbridge Safe Path website for all the latest information.

The first phase for improvments to the footpath from the A38 junction to the public right of way at Springs Farm is complete. The next phase is to improve the access to Axbridge.

For many years the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, with regard to Cross Lane and their safe access to facilities in Axbridge, has been an issue.
Planning policies have designated Axbridge as a 'Key Rural Settlement' providing facilities such as shops and post office, which no longer exist in other rural settlements. Access to this Key Rural Settlement should be available by sustainable transport as well as vehicular access.

If you are willing to lend your support in any way please contact Tess Gill