Council Meetings, Minutes and Agenda

Parish Council Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month with an Open Annual Parish Meeting on the Friday following the May Parish Council meeting.

The Agenda for the next Parish Council meeting, to be held at 7pm on Wednesday 13th December 2023, will be made available for downloading during the week preceding the meeting (click here to view). The agendas for meetings are displayed on notice boards at Kennel Lane, Big Tree, Memorial Hall and oposite the White Hart Inn.

The Annual Audit for the funancial year 2022-2023 has been completed and is available to view (click here to view)

Any residents wishing to raise matters to be discussed by the Council should submit their concerns or questions in writing to The Clerk, 7 days prior to a Council meeting.
Members of the public may make a statement to The Council, before the formal meeting commences, which should not exceed three minutes. Please advise The Clerk before the meeting commences. Reponse or statements on any issues arising from such a statement will not be discussed at that meeting.

You can click here to view the standard items which are agenda items for each meeting.

Minutes are placed on this website when they are approved as being a correct record at the next Council meeting and are endorsed by The Chairman.  Draft Minutes are displayed on Parish notice boards.

Minutes are only available in pdf format. This is because scanned minutes (including signatures and amendments) in pdf format are a more accurate representation of proceedings. However it must be recognised that the only valid minutes are the originals held in the Parish Clerk's files or the Somerset Heritage Centre. These minutes are available to the electorate on request, however there may be a small charge for copies.

Minutes available on this page are for the current year and the previous seven years.

An archive of minutes has been created with minutes from 1994 to 2019 - click here to view the archive.



Annual Parish Meeting 2021 was canccelled due to Covid-19 

Annual statements for 2019-2020 from the Chairman and the Clerk

October 11th 2023

September 13TH 2023 

August 2023 - No meetinng (summer recess)

July 12th 2023

June 14th 2023

May 10th  2023

March 8th 2023

February 20th February 2023 Public open Meeting - WildLife Site

February 8th February 2023

January 11th 2023

December 14th 2022

November 9th 2022

September 27 2022

August 10th 2022 

July 18th 2022

June 29th 2022 

June 8th 2022

May 11th 2022

April 13th 2022

March 28th 2022

March 9th 2022

February 9th 2022

January 19th 2022

December 20 2021 PC Meeting

December  8 2021 PC Meeting

November 10 2021 PC Meeting

October 13 2021 PC Meeting

September 15 2021 PC Meeting

August 11 2021 PC Meeting

July 14 2021 PC Meeting

June 23 June 2021 PC Meeting

May 26 2021 PC Meeting

May 5th 2021 PC Meeting

Annual Public Accounts 2020-2021

April 2021 PC Meeting

March 2021 PC Meeting

February 2021 PC Meeting

January 2021 PC Meeting

December 2020 PC Meeting

November 2020 PC Meeting

October 2020 PC Meeting

September 2020 Extraordinary PC Meeting

September 2020 WA PC Meeting

August 2020 WA PC Meeting

July 2020 WA PC Meeting

June 2020 W PC Meeting

 June 2020 WA PC Meeting

May 2020 WA PC Meeting

Annual Public Accounts 2019-2020

April 2020 - NO MEETING (Corona Virus)

March 2020 WA PC Meeting

February 2020 WA PC Meeting

January 2020 WA PC Meeting



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