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Please refer to Sedgemoor District Council's Planning Portal for all submitted planning applications, plans and responses from the general public, Parish Council and other bodies. Click here to view and enter the relevant details in the boxes provided.


Road Status 2012 (Draft)

Road Status 2008

A38 Junctions around Cross Review 2007-8

A38 Junctions around Cross Review 2009-10

Pedestrians in Cross 2007

Transport Priorities for Compton Bishop Parish 2010-2015

SCC Highway Record - Click on area to view

Cross and Cross Lane     Cross Village    Compton Bishop Village    Webbington      

SCC Road Safety Strategy 2017-2026

Highway Issues in the Parish of Compton Bishop Sept 2021


Cheddar Reservoir

Draft Response February 2013

Parish Boundaries :

Compton Bishop : Shute Shelve North  : Shute Shelve & Strawberry Line : Axbridge/Townsend  : Weare : Newland Farm  : Riverton House  : Rackley  : M5, East Brent, Badgworth

SDC map of all Sedgemoor Boundaries

AONB Boundary (SCC magic map)

Land Ownership in Compton Bishop Parish (working Document)


Reference Documents - for viewing/downloading


Roles and Responsibilities of the Clerk (Community First)

The Good Councillor's Guide 2022 (NALC)

NALC guide to guide to finance and transparency

Somerset Association of Local Councils (SALC)

General Data Protection Regulation Toolkit 2018 (NALC)

Asset Register

Insurance Policy Schedule

Mendip Hills AONB Management Plan

Listed Buildings in Compton Bishop Parish





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