Planning Applications

The Parish Council is required to comment on all Planning Applications, which have been submitted to Sedgemoor District Council, to ensure local planning policies are adhered to and the views of the community are represented.  The Parish Council considers any comments from Parishioners, the policies defined in the Sedgemoor Core Strategy and our own approved supplementary planning document, the Compton Bishop Village Design Statement, when commenting on planning applications.  A copy of the final public exhibition of  the working papers, which contain some interesting and historical articles, can be viewed by clicking here.

The full Council reviews  recommendations from a Planning Liaison Advisor Group and decides its formal response. Applicants are welcome discuss their plans with the Planning Advisory group and also attend the council meeting when their application is to be discussed, please arrange this through the clerk.

Sedgemoor District Council has advised the Parish Council of the following planning applications. 

The full application documentation can be viewed online at Sedgemoor District Council's planning site by clicking here and entering the application number. If you do not know the application number then select 'Compton Bishop', the relevant month and the year to display current applications.








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