Nestling at the foot of the southern slopes of the Mendip Hills in Somerset, the parish of Compton Bishop comprises the settlements of Cross, Newtown, Rackley, Webbington and of course Compton Bishop itself.

Compton Bishop nestles in an unspoilt area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), visited by many who appreciate the beautiful breath-taking scenery. The parish has a network of more than 13 miles of well-used public footpaths, bridleways and permissive paths which provide a wonderful variety of routes with Crook Peak and Wavering Down dominating the sky-line. This area of The Mendip Hills is owned and cared for by the National Trust and provides a peaceful recreational space for all who visit.

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Our Historic Finger Posts - Restoration Project

Somerset County Council is currently co-ordinating a project aimed at surveying and refurbishing all historic finger post signs within the county. This involves carrying out a condition survey on each individual finger post; identifying the work required to restore it; and, where practically possible, carrying out those restoration works.

The survey and refurbishment work involved will be carried out in each parish area by local volunteers. Somerset County Council is providing training workshops to assist these volunteers so that surveys and refurbishment works can be carried out competently and safely. Only volunteers who have successfully completed a training workshop will be allowed to carry out survey and refurbishment works on finger post signs. Work involving major refurbishment and/or in a dangerous location will be carried out by suitably qualified and approved contractors’ only.

A training workshop is scheduled for Friday the 15th June 2018 at North Pertherton Community Centre 09:30 to 13:30. It is recommended that a minimum of three people per Parish Council should attend a training workshop.

If you are interested in attending please contact the Parish Clerk (comptonbishoppc@hotmail.com) BY WEDNESDAY 6th JUNE so that you can be registered.


Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice Newsletter

Click here to view the Spring 2018 Newsletter



Watch his award winning performance (click here)



Dog attacks on livestock

During December, there have been a number of attacks by a dog, or dogs, resulting in domestic chickens in Compton Bishop being killed. The dog(s) was not on a lead. In mid December one ram had its back leg torn by an attack from a dog and two sheep killed in Cross Quarry. A local farmer reported that he has lost 22 sheep since they were put out for grazing, in May/June, on our local hills around Crook Peak and Cross Plain. It is not known whether this is the work of one rogue dog or more but the owners, if located, can be held responsible and prosecuted. The most recent incident was seen to be a loose dog terrorising of pregnant ewes up and down the side of the hill chasing them and splitting them in all directions chasing one down into the bushes. The dog was caught after 10 minutes but no information was reported. It is possible that many ewes will miscarry after this incident.

Please follow the Countryside Code and keep dogs on a lead and controlled at all times when livestock are present and do not let your dog out of your sight and control.


Donating Your Winter Fuel Payment-An Idea Worth Warming To

Somerset Community Foundation has launched this year’s Surviving Winter campaign, encouraging people to join the growing number of contributors who donate some or all of their Winter Fuel Payment each year to help local people living in fuel poverty. 

Last year, over 400 older people in Somerset were helped to keep warm and better connected through the winter months, thanks to local donors and pensioners who gave to Surviving Winter. 

When a person receives their Surviving Winter grant, it doesn’t just go towards paying the heating bill. It is also the first step towards connecting them to a local community partner; this can become the foundation for a new relationship that can help to overcome the isolation and loneliness many older people experience.

Help Somerset Community Foundation reach their target of raising £100,000 to help 500 isolated and vulnerable older people this year. To donate to Surviving Winter, visit www.somersetcf.org.uk/winter or call 01749 344949. Gift Aid forms are also available to download from the Somerset Community Foundation website.


Dog Attacks on Sheep

Our local range of the Mendip Hills rely on livestock to control the vegetation and maintain the ancient grassland which dominates our landscape and attracts much wildlife and many visitors throughout the year. 

Livestock has, from the beginning of June 2017, been released on the hills and almost immediately there has been a number of attacks on sheep by dogs.

The Countryside and Rights of Way act 2000 (CROW), regarding Dog control, states:

There is a general rule that visitors using their open access rights must keep their dogs on a short lead of no more than 2 metres between 1 March and 31 July each year (except in the coastal margin), and at all times in the vicinity of livestock. 

This is to protect nesting birds, in particular ground nesting birds, young farm animals and other wildlife.

All dogs, including working dogs when not working, must wear a collar with owners name and contact details and the dog must be microchipped when older than 8 weeks for dogs with docked tails and 6 weeks for all other dogs. 

Dog owners must be aware of the risk that all dogs pose to wildlife and farm animals so that the number of attacks is minimised or preferable reduced to zero.

Please adhere to these guidelines to protect our countryside.


Is your Broadband Speed poor?

 Residents of Compton Bishop are not on the current programme for Super Fast Broadband but the authority responsible for the roll-out has signed up a company, Gigaclear, to help. To register your interest go to their website (click here)

Click here  to view the Connecting Devon and Somerset' their website.


Don’t be fooled by Council Tax scammers

A phone call that promises to lower your Council Tax banding for a fee of up £120 may sound like a great offer, but you can find out if your band can be lowered for free. Sedgemoor District Council is warning residents to be aware of Council Tax scammers who may offer you deals to reduce monthly payments or reduce your banding. SDC has taken calls from worried residents, so are warning everyone not to be duped. One current scam that has been bought to the district council’s attention is from a company claiming to be called ‘All Claim Solutions’ who say they are calling on behalf of the Valuation Office or Sedgemoor District Council and ask for £120 to lower your Council Tax banding. Please note this is not a phone call from Sedgemoor District Council or the Valuation Office, despite their phone number being very similar to that of SDC.  Council Tax bands are set by the Valuation Office Agency and can only be changed under certain conditions. Details can be found at www.gov.uk/council-tax-appeals. You will not be charged for the service.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax bill and need help, speak with a member of the Council Tax Team on who will be able to offer help and advice on 0300 303 7801.

If you have given over personal details, we would advise you to call the Police straight away on 101 and report the matter as an identity theft scam. The Police will also direct you to the Action Fraud helpline on 0300 123 2040.


Sedgemoor Crime and ASB Survey 2017

Sedgemoor District Council is committed to making Sedgemoor a safe place in which to live, work and visit. During March 2017 Sedgemoor District Council will be sending out 5500 surveys to a random selection of households across the district. The survey will ask residents for their views on crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the local area. Sedgemoor District Council wants to encourage as many residents as possible to make their views known and not just those randomly selected to receive the postal survey. Surveys are therefore available in Sedgemoor District Council’s Bridgwater House reception, Sedgemoor-based libraries, Get-Set children’s centres, selected community centres and police stations. The deadline for returning the survey is 31st May 2017. The survey is also available to complete online via www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/safetysurvey.





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